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We build better communities using data science.

SuprFanz builds Communities

Does building a technical community of users and/or prospects consume most of your time?

SuprFanz increases attendance to your events with qualified attendees, growing your community and making your next event a smashing success.

For the cost of ordering pizzas for everyone you can increase your audience by at least 2X. Get in touch to start your free trial now!


How that can benefit you:

  1. Help drive user-awareness/adoption of your products or services
  2. Reduce training costs, since a community transfers knowledge internally and organically
  3. Learn which meetings resonate the best with your community
  4. Community members work on projects requiring additional services/products from you
  5. Tap into a pool of knowledge-based resources

How does SuprFanz do it?

  1. The building of advanced real-time pipelines from APIs where we get data.
  2. Community detection with data science.
  3. Direct engagement with the community.

Are we proven?

Yes, we have generated record-breaking attendance at our events. We have been featured in the most prestigious data science conference as speakers Strata Data Conference in San Jose, 2018.


Drive attendance and engagement


We'll save you effort and time


Build great communities of SuprFanz

Three cardinal virtues of business:
creativity, building community, practical realism.

- Ted Malloch

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